About me

Have a goal. Take action. Commit to success.

Sitting in my mum's canoe with my best friend when I was six :)
Sitting in my mum’s canoe with my best friend when I was three 🙂


I was introduced to canoeing when I was very young as my parents both paddle but I did not enjoy it and so I focused on my main sport – swimming. By the age of thirteen I started to get bored of swimming up and down an indoor pool. By this time I was slightly more competent at canoeing and was able to paddle on whitewater rivers. I fell in love with the excitement and chaos of white water. Once I won my first race the competitive side of me took over and I knew this was the sport for me.

I am 20 years old and currently studying at biomedical sciences at Edinburgh University. The balance of university and training is continuously challenging especially as the whole of British Canoeing is based in London. I travel to London in the holidays and on some weekends. Then, when uni is finished for the summer, I move to London until uni restarts in September. Trying to juggle both stretches me to my limits but I am incredibly dedicated to both so I find a way! My whole life is dedicated to training to achieving my goals.



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