Sponsorship Opportunity

I am extremely keen to reach out to all types of people and companies with the hope that someone might be interested in sponsoring me.

If a company was interested in doing so, here are some of the many ways I can make it worth it for your company:


1. Advertisement:

-In slalom, stickers can be presented on boat, kit, paddles and team transport.

-Kit is displayed at opening/medal ceremonies in Europe, Australasia, Asia and North/South America.

– Sponsors mentioned and given thanks to in interviews

-Presented as an athlete via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

Being interviewed by the BBC
Being interviewed by the BBC


2. Corporate days offer opportunities where I can present myself as an athlete and supporter of brands/products/service


3. Group presentations and talks allow me to share with others my experiences and lifestyle management.


4. Will write article for company’s website explaining what I do and how much of a difference their support makes


5.  Olympic Viewing (Television, online:


             Viewing figures London 2012

-Over the 5 day canoe slalom event 60,000 spectators attended

-4.5 million people in the UK watched the recap of the Mens C2 final in which Britain won gold and silver.


             C1 Women: a new Olympic discipline

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) have recently agreed to include C1 women, my discipline, in the Olympic programme from 2020.  The International Olympic Committee (IOC) take gender equality very seriously and so C1W being included is likely to be a story catching the media’s attention over the coming years. To win the first ever gold medal for C1W at the Olympics is my ultimate goal.

Supporting at the 2012 Olympic games
Supporting at the 2012 Olympic games

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